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This year the Richard Burges Branch Library in NorthEast El Paso, Texas opened its newly renovated doors to the community. This also opened the opportunity for programming and the return of Chess in our community. The NorthEast is home to middle school Regional Chess Champions from Canyon Hills’ Cobra Chess Club with the Queen and King Cobras.

The Community Chess Connection at the El Paso Public Library is an extension of our club activities at Canyon Hills with the goal of providing the space and time for kids and adults to have access to the chess equipment needed to learn and play. Chess Connect meets every Wednesday from 5 to 6:45PM and Saturday from 1-3PM. Our space is open to those that want to learn, teach or simply take a break and connect with someone for a game. All are welcome! Below is a flier with more information and a link to the Canyon Hills Cobra Chess Club website. This site includes information on local chess events and Community Chess Connection updates!




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Every1Plays is an initiative born in Northeast El Paso Texas to promote educational and athletic participation for everyone. For more information on our group please visit us on Social Media at Facebook.com/e1p44 and Twitter.com/every1plays. This is also home for the children’s Hoop Dreams basketball team to include updates from the coaches, parents, and players involved! For more information you can reach us at every1plays@gmail.com

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