El Paso Blaze #Basketball #TeamBlaze facebook.com/ElPasoBlaze #LilLucy’s 1st hoop team! #LilLucy54

We’re excited for our next generation baller Lil’ Lucy and the Team Blaze organization in El Paso, Texas. If you’re looking for a team that covers various age levels, for boys and girls, then El Paso’s Team Blaze organization is the squad! More information on Team Blaze is available at the following link make sure to like: facebook.com/ElPasoBlaze



  1. If you want your child to be mistreated and not learn the basic fundamentals send them here! The new coach is a jerk, he talks to your children like their dumb! He’s impatient and a jerk! I was horrified at his coaching and took my child out of this club!


  2. This club has a new coach that is absolutely disgraceful! He is impatient and rude with the children, he should definitely not be coaching. He has his favorites (his daughter) and will play them regardless of their performance on the court!


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