About Every1Plays

Every1Plays born in NorthEast El Paso, Texas promotes athletic & educational activities in the community.

Our mission is to help share information and knowledge about athletic and educational activities related to all sports (with a focus on basketball), coaching, officiating, youth leagues, reading, chess, and other interests. Every1plays started as a youth basketball program that promotes positive coaching approaches with a focus on development, education, and the core values of every1plays. The 5 core values include practicing TOGETHER, letting the children PLAY, making sure we’re all LEARNING something, WORKing to the best of our abilities, and respecting each other through the value of FRIENDSHIP.

For more information or to connect on social media you can visit Facebook.com/e1p44 and Twitter.com/every1plays.

If you need information on local children’s leagues or city league basketball for all ages throughout El Paso County, feel free to reach out. Coach Joshy leads a youth league currently with older teens called Hoop Dreams. Our social media and calendar of events from time to time will feature information related to basketball programming in El Paso.

For more information you can reach us at every1plays@gmail.com

Below you will find contact information for every1plays coaches.




Special thanks to Bowie alumni/soccer athlete, UTEP graduate, and today community health marketing & design specialist Karina Duran for her creative vision for the logo and business cards!  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  From all of us.  – RBros

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