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Our latest featured link is to elementary school counselor Roxanne’s blog at booksthathealkids.blogspot.com. The blog is updated with great and purposeful book recommendations for educators and children.  Its where I found out about the title below What Does it Mean to Be Present by Rana Diorio, illustrated by Eliza Wheeler. I’ve included a quote from Roxanne’s thoughts about the book that she shared on her blog. Check it out and also follow her at other social media sites linked from her blog such as Facebook & Twitter.


“This is the perfect book to start the New Year. It’s the absolute cure for all of us (children and adults) who are overwhelmed with anxiety. The message of living in the moment gets lost with everything that is thrown at kids in school etc. Often times we ask kids to set goals when we come back from winter break as part of a New Year’s activity. How about a simple goal like – Being Present. I’d love to explore this more with students. It’s up to us to model this way of being. Lets get started!” SOURCE

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