AHS Archive August 25, 1961 @AHSGoldenEagles AHS to Open September 5th

With talks of consolidation plans going on throughout El Paso, including Andress High School, maybe it’s time to take a look back?  There are digital newspaper archives out there with all kinds of stories.  Whether AHS will be here tomorrow or not, we plan on sharing some AHS stories for our archive detailing the school’s past & alumni.  Feel free to contact us to share your stories, photographs, videos, newspaper clippings, etc. every1plays@gmail.com

El Paso Herald-Post. “Four New Schools in E.P. System to Open September 5.” El Paso Herald-Post 25 Aug 1961. Newspaper Archive. p. 19. Web.

Other stories included on this page discuss the 128th pilgrimmage to Mt. Cristo Rey, vandalism on Joe Herrera Drive due to the city’s refusal to install street lights, a comic about hot-rodding, a story of a slaying off of South Mesa and the reduction of bond for the slaying suspect, Mary Ann Martinez’s prize off growing the city’s largest apple from a small tree from Loretto Academy, an ad for guitar lessons from Edward’s Studio on East Yandell, a revolt in Saigon, Vietnam amongst farmers, and other ads.

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