Every1Reads – Unstoppable from Underdog to Undefeated: How I Became a Champion by Anthony Robles

This afternoon I was reading the October 2014 issue of Muscle & Fitness when I flipped the page to the Edge Inspiration section titled ‘Pinning His Hopes’ about D-1 wrestling champion Anthony Robles by Ben Radding.  The page  included a note that said, “Read Up, Robles is the author of Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated“.  The book was published by Gotham last year.  I checked out a couple of interviews on YouTube included below with Anthony Robles promoting the book and sharing his inspiring story.  There’s a lot more to come from Robles including a documentary, talks about a movie on his life, ESPN work, more motivational speaking, and the possibility (if the time is right) to return to the mat for a shot at the 2016 Olympics.  The YouTube videos are linked below.  Check them out!

This begins a category of this website we’ve titled Every1Reads.  As we stumble across books we’d like to recommend or write reviews for, we’ll post them on our website under the category Every1Reads.  This is to encourage athletic programs to promote reading amongst athletes.  Especially with the amount of travel teams have to do… what best than to fill that down time with reading?  As a coach, do you promote recreational reading with athletes?  This question applies to teams of all ages.

A request we’d like to throw out there, especially for school coaches… as athletes put in time to excel in sport activity, make reading activity a part of their program too.  Perhaps some of the book recommendations we post will encourage you to pass the word.  Or maybe it’ll encourage you to purchase copies for your athletes to discuss over the course of the season.  Or maybe you can request these titles for the school library or encourage your athletes to get some time in to visit and support their local libraries and book stores.  There are thousands of sports stories documented in text out there stretching far back in history to the present day, from males and females, of all sports, ages, and circumstances.  You never know, one of those stories may be on your roster working their way towards triumph.


You can find the text on Amazon: click here 

Also check out Worldcat to find the text in a library near you: worldcat.org

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