In Memory of Austin Sean Williams #AustinsArmy

This post is dedicated to the memory of Austin Sean Williams. Below are words our friend Phil Campbell shared with us about Baby A. Since 2016 Phil would often share stories about his moments with his nephew.  Its how we got to know Austin before and after his bout with cancer.  Just a year young, Austin was able to fight and beat cancer before passing away in 2017.

With these words we remember Baby A and send our thoughts to his family, friends, and the community that came to be known as #AustinsArmy.

“The outpouring of love for Austin is beyond words. For a being who was here such an infinitesimally short time to have brought so many together in Love is a miraculous lesson. A lesson that calls us to remain faithful and strong, holding onto, and allowing ourselves to be transformed by the love Austin Sean Williams/McGehee awoke in each and every one of our hearts.” – Uncle Pidi


 Austin Sean Williams July 9, 2015-March 19, 2017

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