Featured Link: @FirstBook @LyndseyLayton #every1reads #e1plinks

Today I read Lindsey Layton’s article in the Washington Post titled “First Book Mixes Market Forces and Philanthropy to Help Poor Children” click here and found out about an awesome program called First Book that’s promoting access not only to hard copy books, but books in the digital world and other resources such as clothes, food, and other life necessities for children and families in need… all to promote literacy.  Check out the article.

For our latest featured link we encourage everyone to visit the First Book webpage at firstbook.org and learn more about their story click here.  As we approach the new year we look forward to learning more about First Book and how they’re connecting literacy to community and family homes in need.

Encourage more reading at home, in the community, in school, everywhere and check out our hashtag at #every1reads


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