Ferguson and the Chess Game of Life w/ International #GrandMaster @MauriceAshley

A great article I spotted through the Borderland Chess Central Newsletter.  One of my favorite parts of the write up by Grand Master Ashley is quoted below.  Especially thinking about winning and losing and recognizing the value in both.  Check out the article titled ‘Ferguson and The Chess Game of Life w/ International Grand Master @MauriceAshley’, click here.

“You win some and you lose some. However, there’s something special about losing a brain game such as chess. Like instant replay, chess games can be recorded, allowing the players to go back and study where mistakes were made. It’s fascinating to watch an 8 year-old look at the choices she made, and think about how she could have done better for next time. That kind of introspection and reflection is invaluable at such a young age. A lot of people go through life without ever truly analyzing their behavior patterns, only hearing advice as reproach, and rarely considering how to engage in perpetual improvement. Yet, we all make mistakes all the time, some larger than others. The key is to seek out ways to root out the pattern of errors and, of course, to recognize them in the first place.” – Maurice Ashley


“Maurice Ashley lives his passion. Through his love for chess, he not only made history as the first African-American International Grandmaster in the annals of the game, but he has translated his love to others as a three-time national championship coach, two-time author, ESPN commentator, iPhone app designer, puzzle inventor, and motivational speaker. He is now working as a Joint Fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center and MIT’s Media Lab to bring the benefits of chess and other classic games to a wider educational audience through the innovative use of technology.

Maurice has traveled the world as an ardent spokesperson of the character-building effects of chess. Coming from the rough and tough streets of Kingston, Jamaica and Brooklyn, New York, Maurice has tirelessly shared his compelling story with young people in places such as the crime-ridden neighborhoods of Detroit, the townships of Cape Town, South Africa and the poverty-stricken jungles of Belize. His book, Chess for Success (Broadway Books, 2005) crystallizes his vision of the many benefits of chess, particularly for at-risk youth, and he continuously spreads his message of living one’s dream to universities, businesses, chess clubs and non-profit organizations around the globe.

His app, Learn Chess! With Maurice Ashley, has been sold in over 30 countries, and he has received multiple community service awards from city governments, universities, and community groups for his work. His drive and enthusiasm always have him on the go. In the fall of 2011, Maurice toured six Caribbean nations to bringing chess, books, and technology to kids in the region.”

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