The Original #44 Joshua Rhyanes @AHSGoldenEagles Class of 08′ Highlight Mixtape

We’ve shared these videos before on our Me & My Baby Brothers blog with a little bit of back story on the production of the tape CLICK HERE but I wanted to also feature it on our website here at e1p.  I’m in production phase of getting to my brother’s next tape post-graduation and also one for our youngest brother Isaiah aka MC Zoo of his time at AHS since ’11.  It’s gonna be a fun tape considering all the work he’s put in.  He’s definitely shown us how one continues to push forward beyond set backs and how we turn what’s most challenging into motivation to continue to keep the game close at heart.  This year I look forward to getting back to the editing room to piece together these videos.  It’s a long process and has been tough working into the holidays and my job schedule but we’re going to make it happen.  We also look forward to documenting the one’s that are on the come up from our nephew E-Man to our niece Lil’ Lucy aka LaLaLucy and all the up and coming ballers in the city.

This post is dedicated to my brother Joshua and Isaiah too as he and the Eagles count down the last few district games towards the playoffs and for some, ultimately, their last time playing high school ball as they get set to graduate.  We wish everyone the best and will definitely take the time appreciate what these youth bring to the game in turning us all into fans as they continue to compete.  Stay positive and make sure to appreciate these last few games.  Definitely going to document what I can the best that I can.  There are so many photographs and clips of videos from years past too… so we’ll get to those throwbacks someday soon and share here on the site.

For now, we want to take a step back to the Original #44, our brother, Joshua.  Check out the videos above!

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