E-Man & USA Basketball’s Highlight Reel, The Beginning | Video |

Above is the first documented highlight video of the USA Basketball team to be uploaded to the RBros YouTube page youtube.com/rbros44.  The video was recorded by Lecroy, Jr. at the San Juan Recreational Center off of North Glenwood in East El Paso.  Being tied up with school and high school b-ball, this is also the first time Isaiah’s had the chance to coach alongside his older brother & head coach, Joshua.

The game was a close one, going back and forth until the Aztecs started pushing ahead in the second half.  USA Basketball didn’t give up though as I recall them bringing the game as close as one basket to retake the lead.  In the video you’ll see highlights from both squads, including a cameo from Lil’ Lucy jumping around in the beginning and crying for her play-doh towards the middle.

Considering how fast time passes, these videos are neat documents for when its time to look back at the great athletes that will be leading our high schools in the game of hoop in a few years.  I realized that following my youngest brother Isaiah when he started playing in 6th grade amongst a few youths who are today some of El Paso’s leading basketball athletes.

From time to time, we’ll have to dig into the archives to share photographs and videos.

This video is also an attempt to get back into the editing process since I’m still working on a few other projects for both of my brothers.  We’ll be sharing those soon.

This video also marks the beginning of E-Man’s channel on the RBros YouTube page youtube.com/rbros44.

Until the next one, enjoy!  Especially the families who’s children appear in the highlights!


-Lecroy, Jr.

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