A Note about Kicks, Shoe Stories & a Shot of the AHS No. 44s

44The sneaker culture… all part of the game as teams all around prepare to compete on courts around the world. A good pair of sneakers is not only a style statement, but a necessity for avoiding injury and keeping your legs in shape each and every game. From the old school Chuck Taylor stories of our parents, to the Slam special issues of Kicks magazine, to the Chris Webber shoes I always wanted in high school, to the sneaker culture books by street hoopsters and Hip Hop legends like Bobbito Garcia… we’ll be sharing a few of those links on Every1Plays and invite athletes and everyone else to share your stories… no matter the pair, no matter the sport… you can reply here or reach us at every1plays@gmail.com.  We’d be glad to share your story on our site.

Above is a glimpse of my youngest brother’s pair for 2014-2015. The number 44 is significant to us and starts with our Brother Josh (AHS Class of 2008). We’ll share the numerology behind that in a future post.

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